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Installing the Assault HSS/Multigame

I recently installed the HSS kit on my Assult videogame (see here or here or here for more info). I wanted to put it in with the capability of switching between Assault and Assault Plus, but I didn't want to bend out the pin on the EPROM, nor did I want to solder onto that pin (I want to be able to easily remove and replace the ROMs in case Matt does another upgrade).

What I did was to take some pin strips and stack them up 2 layers high, leaving an opening on lower layer for the pin we want to connect to the DIP switch.

Here's pictures of the lower layer - that missing pin is pin 30 of the EPROMs, and is the one we will be wiring to a dip switch:

Those pin strips are just pushed into the original ROM sockets.
Next, I took a couple of pin strips the full length of the EPROM and soldered a wire to the appropriate pin on both. The other side of the socket just got another full-length pin strip:

Then the EPROMs go onto the pin strips:

After that, solder the other end of the wire to pin 8 of chip 2E, tacking the wire down with hotmelt glue:

Then, on the other side, run a wire from that same pin to JAMMA connector pin S (defined as Tilt, unused on this system), again tacking the wire down with hotmelt:

I haven't gotten around to adding the Tilt line and an appropriate switch to the harness in my Assault yet, as I'm pretty happy to play Assault Plus right now, but that will come in time.