I've ported Peter Hirschberg's most excellent 'Adventure: Revisited' (original from here) to the Nintendo DS, running as a homebrew application. That means you'll need something like a CycloDS Evolution or an R4 card to run it.

I actually started it back in 2008, then got distracted for a while. Finally, it's working sufficiently to release. Let me know if you have any problems by e-mailing DSAdventure at kohne dot org.

The only changes that were needed to Peter's source code was to change from a direct RGB model of colors to a palette model.

You can download a zip containing the source and binary from this page. 

Note that I compiled it with:
devkitARM release 35
libnds 1.5.4   
default arm7 0.5.23

and I borrowed (stole) code liberally from the Patater intro documentation, and everywhere else I found stuff I needed. 

It's far from a wonderful bit of NDS programming, but it works, and my objective was simply to gain a little knowledge of the NDS and the homebrew libraries.

The original Adventure game is clearly copyrighted by Atari, and the Adventure name is probably trademarked by same. I claim no ownership of anyone else's code. My code (including my mods to Peter's code) are free for anyone to use. See Peter's site for info about Peter's code.

Have fun. 

TODO list (don't wait for this - I may well never get to it):
Clean up the Atari graphic.
Better font for the text on the bottom.
Clean up the transform from Atari width to DS width.
Clean up the colors
Clean up the sprite code (I was lazy).

Michael Kohne,
Oct 19, 2011, 3:00 PM