Adventure was written by Warren Robinett and is copyright 1980 ATARI, INC, and is a classic and well-deserved hit.

In 2002 Joel Park and others decompiled and commented the Adventure code. ( and (

In 2006 Peter Hirshberg created a C program that mimics the assembly with very high fidelity. (

In 2011 Michael Kohne ported Peter's code to Java and built it for the Android platform (right here).

This program is the result. I had to port Peter's code to Java, and I had to build enough of an Android app to make it go. I simulated the Atari console controls with custom buttons, and the joystick and fire button are on-screen.

Why have I ported Adventure to Android? The same reason so many people write Pac-Man clones - I needed something to use as an initial learning project for getting familiar with the platform. Adventure is perfect for this purpose, as I pretty much KNOW how it should work, so I don't have to design a game, and it's complicated enough that I learn a good amount about the platform. 

The code attached to this web page is bound to have bugs, and frankly the joystick control could look a bit nicer. It uses API rev 7, so it should run on most devices, though I didn't do medium and low res graphics for the buttons, so I don't know how well those will work.

The Joystick widget is from

If you notice any bugs, please contact ME, not anyone else, because they are probably due to my port, not anyone else's mistakes.
Michael Kohne,
Nov 17, 2011, 2:30 PM